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Noel Austin

Noel graduated from The University of Manchester in 2003 with a degree in Computer Science.

Noel worked in IT during his placement year – which made him realise that software development was more his thing and he decided to pursue a career in software development. Noel applied for lots of jobs in a variety of industries, but only applied for one within games. And it that one company, Juice Games, which gave him a call back!

Noel joined the Juice team in 2004 where he worked on the development of Juiced, remembering the force feedback steering wheel implementation, which required hours of testing and balancing, as one of the most enjoyable tasks he worked on. Juice also gave Noel the opportunity to work a huge variety of tasks, providing a broad understanding of all aspects of game development. It was at Juice Games that Noel first met d3t founders Steve Powell and Jamie Campbell.

After 6 years Noel left Juice Games and embarked on an adventure to Canada. Working for Relic Entertainment on Space Marine, Noel developed a real taste for low-level coding and optimisation which persists to this day.

While in Canada Noel heard about Juice’s acquisition by THQ and followed with interest as THQ closed and Steve Powell and Jamie Campbell began a new venture called d3t.

On his return to the UK, Noel got in touch with his old colleagues and soon became the 4th member of d3t! Noel has since progressed through the ranks to his current position of Studio Technical Director, line managing Team Leads and an awesome team of developers.

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